Politically Pissed
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Three friends discussing Colorado politics.

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    Iman for Everyone!

    This week the gang spoke with Iman Jodeh, candidate for HD 41 in Aurora, CO.

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    Wilson Theology

    This week the gang spoke to Theo Wilson, an activist and spoken word poet.

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    Go Joe Go!

    This week the gang spoke with former state Representative and Senator Joe Salazar!

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    Planet Raffi

    This week the gang sat down with the Chairperson of the Boulder County Democrats, arguably the most liberal of the Colorado County Chapters of the Democratic Party.

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    This week the Gang spoke with Radhika Nath, cadidate for Denver School Board District 1.

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    Midnight Express to Syria

    This week the gang spoke with Nader Hashemi, Ismail Akbulut, and Obeid Kaifo about the Turkish attacks on Syria and the Geo-Political affects it carries.

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    Capitol Blurred Lines

    This week the gang spoke with Megan Creeden about sexual harassment at the capitol and her experience with the process in making a claim against legislators.

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    Coombs for Council

    The gang speaks with Alison Coombs for Aurora CIty Council

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    Much to do about Iran

    This week the gang sits down with Nader Hashemi, Professor at the University of Denver Josef Korbel School for International Affairs, about the current state of the situation in Iran.

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